IDIG QLD was constituted to satisfy the real needs of the professional Driving Instructor. We are a not for profit association, not a union. Born out of a need for true representation, we named our association a Guild as this means a society for mutual help or with a common objective. It defines our purpose precisely.

We have gained respect and creditability in the industry largely due to our resolve to work with a communicative and co-operative spirit. Our whole aim from the outset was, and always will be, to gather, share and transmit information honestly, without fear, favour or disadvantage to other driving instructors within the Industry.

Continuation of this Modus Operandi affords us a platform of common ground between you in your daily operations and the decision makers. As this helps and benefits our members it in turn helps to promote a better, safer teaching environment. In turn this can only benefit your client, other road users, your licensing body and the general public.

IDIG QLD will never work against the wishes, or without the knowledge of its members, for an individual trainer or business. Its sole purpose is the benefit of the industry as a whole, road safety in general and the improvement of quality training delivery to the public.


That the esteem of the Driving Instruction Industry be raised in the eye of the general public, thus enabling the instructor to supply a good teaching environment. This in turn lends itself kindly to the fight against road toll and trauma and contributes in general to the pursuits of road safety.

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